Buy One, Give One Vitamins

Often, a person’s health and development aren’t at risk because they have nothing to eat, but because they don’t have access to the right things to eat. We’ve all heard stories of sailors suffering from scurvy because of a lack of vitamin C. Those sailors were not starving; they lacked essential nutrients, which can be equally dangerous — even deadly.

Like sailors suffering from malnutrition, many of our world’s neediest are not starving for food; they are hungry for the vitamins and minerals their bodies need, which the diet they eat does not provide. These nutritional deficits can lead to a laundry list of severe medical conditions for which treatment is not readily available in developing countries. The best way to fix a problem is to stop it from happening in the first place — that is why Altruvite donates a bottle of vitamins for each bottle it sells.

Buying Altruvite products supports your health, but it doesn’t stop there. With every Altruvite purchase, you are filling the nutritional gap of those who are most in need. When you purchase your dietary supplements from Altruvite, you become the hero in someone else’s story. They probably will never be able to thank you personally for the gift of health, but you have changed their life for the better. Health you can share. That's Altruvite.