Frequently Asked Questions

Does Altruvite use sustainable packaging?

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your value’s in exchange for your family’s health. We all know the environment is a priority. Nobody wants to contribute to the mountains of plastic being added to landfills every year. At Altruvite we don’t think you should have to choose your health over the environment—that’s why we only use glass bottles to package our products. Glass is the most sustainable recycled packaging option—that’s why we chose it for Altruvite products.

Why do Altruvite supplements cost more than some other brands?

You can buy questionable nutrition products from a company that isn't transparent like Altruvite, but do you really want to put a product like that in your body? Not only does Altruvite hold its products to the highest standards in the industry, we offer unrivaled convenience and customer service. Plus, a portion of each purchase goes towards trusted organizations that repair and protect our environment.

Are Altruvite supplements organic?

Yes, all Altruvite supplements are certified organic. We don't believe in allowing pesticides, herbicides, or other questionable chemicals in our products. When you order from Altruvite you can be confident you'll receive the nutrient-loaded product you purchased, without any strange additions.